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A Video Training Series to Grow
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Since you’ve just grabbed your copy of our Guide, here’s your chance to get access to the replay of our Amplify Your Coaching – 4 training videos where we teach, in depth, on the principles and strategies shared in the guide.

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Recorded LIVE:

4 Video Training Sessions for Life Coaches ready to
amplify their mission, message and money.

Do you need to:

Get crystal clear clarity about the ONE thing that deserves your time, attention and energy.

Create a practical, tangible, implementable action plan that outlines the exact steps you need to take to increase your clients and income.

See the blind spots that have kept you from accomplishing the vision you see for your business.

Outline specific strategies around marketing, sales, branding and pricing to generate more clients and more revenue.

Commit to a lead process that attracts your ideal client.

Understand the launch system that builds your community and the opportunity to sell.

Design the enrollment scripts and conversations to convert your leads into clients.

Make final decisions on offers and niche.

Move past the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that hold you hostage to your goals.


Get the blueprint to take your coaching practice to the next level.

Here’s what we cover:

SESSION 1: The Foundation

There are 3 key components that must be in place to prepare for business growth. Get clear on where you stand with each of these and integrate them into your overall 2021 plan.

SESSION 2: The Mission

There’s a bigger impact that can be made when you have a successful coaching practice. Learn the 5 components of creating your legacy play.

SESSION 3: The Message

Your clients are waiting for you. They are ready to invest in your services. But if your messaging is off and your marketing is suspect, you’ll want to use these tools to create your results focused marketing strategy.

SESSION 4: The Money

Your revenue plan requires 4 MAJOR components. Without all of these, consistent income and clients are out of reach and 5 figure months become a challenge.

Video Training:

Amplify Your Coaching Practice


JUST $27

Get Immediate Access to 4 Power Sessions for 30 Days

Meet Your Instructor

Doreen Rainey

Founder, RADICAL Coach Institute

I coach coaches to grow their coaching skills, create better results for their clients and build a profitable business.

I’m committed to helping you gain the clarity, create the strategy and move into action so you become bold and courageous enough to passionately pursue your business goals.

My clients experience significant shifts as they tap into their personal strengths to get results and their business acumen to build their practice.

Together, we create the space for you to define success for yourself AND get the guts to after it.

Video Training:

Amplify Your Coaching Practice


JUST $27

Get Immediate Access to 4 Power Session